About Cottonwood Cove Crafts

Welcome to Cottonwood Cove Crafts!  We are Monte & Bonnie at your service. We  have been doing signs together since 1991 when I found Bonnie. She does the painting of the artwork and lettering and the wonderful applying of our Excellent Outdoor Finish!  I start the sign from the ground up,so to say, designing custom work,  cutting, carving the artwork, engraving the lettering.  Together we share the work and strive to make a wonderful custom wood sign that lasts many a good years....Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Before I met Bonnie, this job was left up to me.  I am so blessed to have Bonnie as a wife and co-worker in making our custom wood signs.  Together we have developed our store into a living.  Please review our website (always under construction..ha-ha) and hope you find a custom cedar wood sign for yourself or a gift!  We are here for you!